BEYOND THE PLATE: a culinary adventure

Beyond the Plate: a culinary adventure, is a short documentaries series about Chefs.
Be warned, these won’t be like other films about Chefs and food, my interest is imbedded in what lies beneath their dishes. I want to tell the Chefs’ personal stories, what brought them to cooking, what has helped them in their journey, and what they can teach aspiring (or established) Chefs.


This second episode of Beyond The Plate follows the story of a chemist with a love for food. Chef Townsend Wentz tells us about his journey through chemistry labs, at a time when restaurant kitchens were only a means to a greater good. This story is a prime example of how your life can change in a single day through hard work, determination, and a sprinkle of luck.

If there’s a Will there’s a Way


This short documentary tells the story of award winning Chef Chris Kearse.
Through his words you are transported in different stages of his life, focusing on his will and want for great things. Unlike other videos about chefs, this video does not speak about the wonderful food Chef Kearse puts out on a daily basis, but it speaks about his inspiring story and the way he works every day to influence others.